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girl playing with interactive toys that help with child development

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In today's digital age, technology is everywhere; just take a look around. From the device in your pocket to the screen you're currently viewing, its influence is undeniable. While technology offers numerous benefits, its overuse can have negative effects, particularly on our children. Therefore, in this article, we bring 5 benefits of physical toys in child development. And many of them you can buy directly online here at Teddy and Co Funland, your online toy store in Australia.

To begin, the best toys captivate a child's senses, awaken their imagination, and encourage them to interact with others. A walking toy, for example, can help children's development by promoting physical activity, coordination, and balance while also stimulating their curiosity and imagination. Plush toys offer comfort, companionship, and imaginative play, providing a sense of security for children.

girl playing with a plush toy


Interactive toys offer numerous benefits for child development. Let's check out five of them:

  1. Promote Active Learning: engage children in hands-on activities that encourage active participation and stimulate their curiosity.

  2. Spark Creativity and Imagination: Interactive toys often involve open-ended play scenarios that encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to explore different possibilities.

  3. Support Motor Skills Development: Activities such as building, manipulating, and navigating help children develop both fine and gross motor skills.

  4. Provide Sensory Stimulation: sensory elements like lights, sounds, textures, and colours, which stimulate various senses and promote sensory exploration.

  5. Facilitate Learning in a Fun Way: Interactive toys make learning enjoyable by turning educational concepts into engaging activities, encouraging children to learn through play.

Children glean invaluable lessons from play, including collaboration, conflict resolution, and self-expression. Engaging with interactive toys not only fosters learning but also strengthens the parent-child bond, making parenting an enjoyable journey.

In conclusion, incorporating interactive toys into your child's routine cultivates a positive attitude towards learning. This ensures that they retain knowledge and skills acquired throughout their educational journey.

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