Carlo - The Robo Dyno

Teddy & Co Funland

$89.00 $159.00

Amazing remote control Dinosour; with infrared funciton built in!!!
It can move and slide in all directions, scream, sing, tell story and teach geography!

  • Infrared remote control
  • English language
  • TheDunosour has rolling wheels: Durable, compressive, stable and easier to control. Highly elastic, wear-resistant PU, smooth, no damage to the floor, easy to deal with any road conditions.
  • The Dinosour can sing children's songs, dance, storytelling, sleep and move!
  • Carlo can teach your kids about geography and about our planet!
  • The head and tale shake in different moves! Looks so real!!!
  • Demo button available for the little ones: it moves by itself!
  • Touch function - Touching the nose and back will have different reactions. 
    The horse can make the sound of eating radishes, sugar cubes, and apples.
  • All natural PP materials - Safe, environmentally friendly. 
  • Lithium rechargable battery included (in a small blue box underneath the cardboard inside the package)
  • Comes with our standard company polices:
    30 days manufacturer problems warranty
    15 days customer satisfaction policy

Product size: 53*12*19cm
Packaging size:  46*17*31cm
Includes: 1x 3.7V Lithium Battery
                1x 3.7V USB Charger