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Bulldog - Sweet Petzzz 37-7

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Sweet Petzzz is a new concept of toys; created to develop and deliver the feelings and emotions that a real pet can give you. They are like real pets. The pets can make their respective sounds and also wag their tails.

These imitation robotic pets are handcrafted, made our of real hair; giving them a real sensitive touch. The sounds are also very realistic; giving them a special touch. Perfect for kids or elders that can't look after a real pet anymore; but fancy such a great company.

The pets are sensor activated. The sensor is positioned in the forehead of the pets, and it's activated by the difference of light spectrum. It means that when you pass your hand in front of the pets or walk by or any other similar light changes; your pet will be activated and it will move. 

Available in 24 different designs.


  • The pet experience without hassles and expenses.

  • Comforting for elders who can't keep up with pets anymore

  • Perfect for anyone in hospitals and assisted-living.

  • Includes (1) Sweet Petzzz , (1) pet bed and (1) pet house

  • 3x AA batteries (Not included for convenient shipping) 

  • Measures approx. 25cm x 18cm x 22cm (10" x 7" x 9") in packaging.


Please place 3xAA batteries inside the battery case underneath the pets stomach, make sure the batteries are secured. Then wave your hand over the pets forehead and watch as they respond - just like a real animal! The sensor is light sensitive so please place you new adopted pet in range of a good light source. Enjoy!