Kids are growing fast, and so do their wishes!
Stay updated with the latest trends your kids are playing with their school mates, it's a very time consuming job!

Don't worry!!! We have the done the work and have the solutions for you!

We have created some great COMBOS of the hottest tiny lines that the kids are asking for at the shows Australia wide (you are sure that what's at the shows, it's what is new and trendy)
Great deal and great products!

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BEYBLADE MISTERY SUPER-COMBO - 6x $100 + Battle Stadium (Storm Gyro Brand)

$100.00 $140.00
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SUPER Awesome value for money! 

What do you get?
In this combo you will get 6 of the newest beyblades available in Australia + the Battle Stadium ❗❗❗
The Stadium is the large size arena and comes with 2 slots per side. 
So the kids can store they beyblades there instead of around the house.

All the beyblades come WITH THE LAUNCHER/RIPPER
So you don't need to worry and chase bits and pieces around the web.
We have done the work for you.

We have created 3 categories of beyblades based on the date of release and the battle mode and model. 
You can find the list below. 👇

Category 1:
- Judgement Joker
- Geist Fafnir
- Cho-Z Achilles
- Cho-Z Spriggan
- Cho-Z Valkyrie
- Imperial Dragon

Category 2:
- Dead Phoenix
- Slash Valkyrie
- Ace Dragon
- Lost Longinus
- Xeno Xcalibur 
- Legend Spriggan Gold edition
- Wizard Fafnir

Category 3:
- Cosmo Valkyrie
- Bushin Ashura
- Requiem Spriggan Gold Edition
- Zeus Zillion
- Storm Spriggan
- Victory Valkyrie
- Stormgyro beyblade 2 in 1

NOTE for MUM and DAD: 👪
If you want to be sure that one or more of the above items are in the "MYSTERY COMBO" pack,
just inbox us with your order number and
we will be sure to make it happen for you.

If you want to receive a CUSTOM MADE birthday card for your little one along with your "MYSTERY COMBO" pack, 
just send us a message through the facebook chat or an email to
Give us your order number and your kid's name

and we will be make one for you and send it with your order