Our story

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring smiles all around the world.
We believe that the kids are the future and they are the first one that need to practice happiness and imagination.
What a better way to do that than play with cool toys?

Teddy & Co Funland!!! is committed to deliver those smiles.
So check out our products, videos and all the content we put out there for your entertainment.
You might find us as well at your local Show and in Shopping malls all around QLD; or at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets.

Who are we?

Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! is a new toys retailler concept; focus on creating an interactive and entertaining shopping experience for kids and families.

Committed to deliver the latest and newest toys and gadgets in the Market, Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! is always exploring and studying the toys market and the kids growth and expectations. 
Trading Australia wide since 2015 when Teddy Creations was founded; Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! is one of the leading companies at the shows and festivals; attending at around 200 events yearly from Gold Coast to Darwin, from Cairns to Adelaide and from Sydney to Perth!Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! is the latest toys and novelties pop up shop.
Come and say Hi at your local show!


Our Story

Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! has been officially founded in 2017; developing the concept of Teddy Creations (create your own stuff toy) to a more interactive store offering also more variety of toys and the latest gadgets.
Happy Clouds, fidget spinners, squishys, beyblade, bunny pop, light up balloons and Bounce Back Balls are some of the products that we had in stock in the past years. All those things that kids ask for  :)

Our story starts in November 2009; when our director, Roberto; an italian backpacker that came to Australia with nothing but the will to grow and learn; found his first job as salesperson for a toy company in Sydney; promoting SLIDEYZ the "magic worm" in Westfield and other major shopping centres around the city.
Despite the poor English skills at the time, Roberto showed great sales and entertaining skills, making his performance with the worms one of the best worldwide! 

For those reasons the casual Xmas job got extended for a few more months; and then when Regis, his first boss (and mentor) decided to discontinue the business; Roberto bought up all the leftover stock and decided to start his own business teaming up with his coworker at the time; Matthieu. 

Matthieu bought a Holden van 1982, and the idea was to travel up north the East Coast, from Sydney to Cairns; working and travelling Australia.
Exciting for the new adventure, the two young boys left Sydney in May 2010... Kinda left... as the head gasket of the van blew off leaving them stranded and cashless.... 
It took a whole Sunday, 2 bus rides and 2 train rides; for Roberto to rent a car with the last savings and keep going over the adversity and reach Stockland Forster (first stop); while Matthieu was stranded in Sydney trying to fix the van.

In Forster, things didn't start with the right foot. After 2 hours of trading and no sales; Roberto was starving as he couldn't afford any dinner or breakfast that day; while Matthieu got the amazing new that it would have costed thousands of $$ to fix the van... The demotivation was real; but it was the turning point.

Finally Roberto could make the first sale, grab some food; and keeo pushing for all week; until he could finally pay for the repair and for fuel to move forward to Coffs Harbour; where stop 2 of the journey was.
Again, the van was overheating on the way to Coffs... 
It took 8 hours to drive 250Km... but at the end they made it!! :)

From there on; the little business took shape and when Massimo joined the team; the young boys were running 2 pop up a week! 
For 7 weeks... until they sold out! On the Gold Coast!

So that left a plan to complete for the future; when Roberto and Massimo restarted while Matthieu travelled Australia with the now fixed Holden Van :)

In 2010 Roberto worked at his first Shows, Sydney and Perth Shows; in collaboration with friends' business.

In 2013 Roberto joined forces with Magic Wallet Shop; expanding the brand Australia wide and attending more events and shows in QLD and NSW.

In 2015, Roberto founded Teddy Creations, the first mobile shop of "male your own bear". Expanding the line to Unicorns, Dinosours, Giraffes, Cows... much more than just Bears!!!
So Teddy Creations was now part of the portfolio along with Magic Wallet and Slideyz, the magic worm. 
The interactive shop for kids start to get a shape in the company vision.

And here come the craze of FIDGET SPINNERS!!! 
When such a trend kicks in; the big corporate or toys company such as Toys R US aren't able to adapt to the kids desire quicly enough to be on the top of their wishes. That's when smaller and more dynamic businessed can grow. 

Roberto was looking for such opportunity to create a new concept for toy stores:
a place where all the toys are opened and kids can come and play with them, they them and EXPERIENCE them. 
From this idea, Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! born.

The first pop up shop was opened in Perth (Whitford) and with the introductions of lines such as squishys, beyblades and remote control cars; the toy store started to become reality.

Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! had its base at Harbour Town Shopping Outlet on the Gold Coast, where we operated 2 kiosks for over 2 years; until COVID-19 decided to send us home to reflect on future opportunities!

We also opened our stall at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets and where we are also operating with Exotic Filled Candies.


And we are the number 1 toys and novelties store at the Shows, for consistency and number of events. 

It seemed a long story... but it just started!!!

To be continued...