Our story

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring smiles all around the world.
We believe that the kids are the future and they are the first one that need to practice happiness and imagination.
What a better way to do that than play with cool toys?

Teddy & Co Funland!!! is committed to deliver those smiles.
So check out our products, videos and all the content we put out there for your entertainment.
You might find us as well at your local Show and in Shopping malls all around QLD; or at the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets.

Who are we?

Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! is the latest toys and novelties pop up shop.
We specialize in shows, festivals and markets (come and say Hi at your local show!) and also shopping centres pop up; Austalia wide.
Our concept is to create an interactive shopping experience by demonstrating the latest gadgets available on the markets. 


Our Story

Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!! has been founded in 2017; developing the concept of Teddy Creations; from Roberto, an italian backpacker that came to Australia with nothing but the will to grow and learn.

Starting in Sydney working as sales staff for a  in  Westfield and other major shopping centres as sales staff; Roberto achieved to take over his first "mentor" business and kept work and travel Australia with his friends selling magic tricks.

In 2013 Roberto joined forces with Magic Wallet Shop; expanding the brand Australia wide and 

After 7 years of trading in shopping centres and Shows with unique cool toys and novelties such as Magic Worms, Magic Wallet Shop, Fidget Spinners, Happy Cloud, Squishys; 

Teddy & Co Funland is a fun combination of a create your own teddy bear and a cool novelty toy store.

After many years trading in Shopping Centres, Markets and All the main Shows in Australia, Teddy & Co Funland was created and powered by Teddy Creations.

At Teddy & Co FUNLAND!!! we are committed into deliver an unique shopping experience to kids of all ages and families; creating an exciting and fun working environment. 

We are a Gold Coast based business that operates Australia wide at Fairs, Shows and Markets mainly. 
We are going to bring the hottest products to your closest events and you can actually meet us and bring down your family in store!!