Kids are growing fast, and so do their wishes!
Stay updated with the latest trends your kids are playing with their school mates, it's a very time consuming job!

Don't worry!!! We have the done the work and have the solutions for you!

We have created some great COMBOS of the hottest tiny lines that the kids are asking for at the shows Australia wide (you are sure that what's at the shows, it's what is new and trendy)
Great deal and great products!

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GIFTS for BOYS - BUNDLE - $100

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BOYS and their TOYS!

Are you looking for a good deal to get a few toys for your kid, grandkid?
Or, even better; a bunch of great toys at a good price for whoever birthday, Xmas, school achievement, etc is coming up ❓❓

We have done the work for you!!! 💪

We have created a bundle for boys, suitable for 5 years old up to 12 years old, with a selection of the HOTTEST TOYS we have seen in Australia in the past 12 months.

We have 10 years experience in retail and over 7 years experience at trading at shows, fairs and exhibition: we know what's trendy! 🔥

What's in the bundle?
In this combo you will get a mix of the coolest "boys" toys for 2020.
And you will save big! 💰

OK... are you curious to know what's in the bundle then?
Here we are! 👇
GIFT for BOYS - BUNDLE - $100

1 - Remote Control TRANSFORMERS car: 🤖🏎️
Bumblebee or Red Lamborghini design.
This toy has been the hottest product during Xmas 2018 and 2019. 
It's easy to use and control with the remote, this car not only can drive around but      also it can transform into a robot! 🤖
They come with a rechargable lithium battery and its rechargable USB cable.
You can see a demo video of this product on our youtube channel

2 - Beyblade: 🌀
One of the classic and most loved toys of all time. 
The beyblades are spin top used to challenge your friend in the battle arena. 
Based on a popular cartoon serial, it's one of the hottest toy of all time!
In this bundle you will get one of the most popular characters, and they are all our own brand of storm gyro or metal assembled.
They come with the Launcher/ripper. So it's ready to go! 🌀
You can see a demo video of this product on our youtube channel:


3 - Mini-bricks: 🧱
If you like LEGO and also you like puzzle; you can have both of them in 1 product!
Mini-bricks is a toy, brick style; where you need to build a figurine following the booklet instruction provided with the product. 🧱
It's a 3D mini representation of your favourite super hero or cartoon. 
NOTE: the bricks are MINI size, so not suitable for little kids.

4 - Flying toy: 🛸
Have you seen those toys with the sensor that fly over your head every time you put your hand underneath? 
Yes! Flying toys! They are available in several designs, such as super heroes, soccer balls, original light up ball and much more! 🛸
Great fun for the kids! They come with the rechargeable battery and the USB cable. 
You can see a demo video of this product on our youtube channel:


5 - Bunny Pop - Animal beanie hat that moves the ears! 🐰
If you have been to any shows in 2019, Australia wide; you may have notice a lot of kids going around with a beanie style hat that moves the ears when pressing the air pump in animal hat's paws.
It doesn't require batteries for the ears to move, just squeeze the pump! 
You can see a demo video of this product on our youtube channel:

So thats a total of 5 toys ❗
Total value was $150but the you can get the bundle for only $100 🤑
Shop now!

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